At first, this might sound like a lot of gobbledegook: NFT Smart Contracts. 

But soon, it’ll all make sense :)

Let’s break it down piece by piece:

NFT: This stands for non-fungible token. Fundamentally, this means a token that you can’t replace—it’s unique. There’s a lot more to learn from there, though. (This explanation from is a great resource.)

Smart Contract: A “smart contract” is code written to the blockchain (in our agency’s case, we work exclusively with Ethereum (ETH)) that automatically carries out an agreement. This occurs when someone purchases an NFT on the blockchain. 

IBM explains smart contracts well on this page:

“Smart contracts work by following simple ‘if/when…then…’ statements that are written into code on a blockchain. A network of computers executes the actions when predetermined conditions have been met and verified. These actions could include releasing funds to the appropriate parties, registering a vehicle, sending notifications, or issuing a ticket. The blockchain is then updated when the transaction is completed. That means the transaction cannot be changed, and only parties who have been granted permission can see the results.”

One more layer to add: Generative. If you’re selling generative NFTs, this is happening at serious scale. Over and over, people show up and purchase an NFT from your set, and this transaction is encapsulated in a smart contract.

Now, you know why these are so important for your generative NFT project!

What We Offer For NFT Smart Contracts

At Generative NFTs, the premiere generative NFT agency, we’ve got you covered! From beginning to end, our services provide everything you need to accomplish your NFT dreams.

You can kick back and relish the ride, as our talented team takes care of the process—and serves as your guide. We even work with A-listers and their agents, as we naturally provide that extra level of coordination and availability to our clients. Learn more about our celebrity services.

Our standard toolbox for drops, in relation to NFT smart contracts, includes:

  • Airdropping capability
  • Presales
  • Multiple whitelists
  • ...And you can customize all of the above!

Plus, we help you avoid costly gas fees—and optimize our code to help save gas for everyone. To save more on gas, our NFT development team also deploys when gas prices are the lowest (usually in the middle of the night).

Oh, and one more thing: If you have a far-out idea for an NFT, we’re all ears! Our skilled staff loves to tackle new and interesting problems. Let’s think outside the box.

Dreaming Up an NFT... x 10,000?

Turn to our team, and let’s see about working together! We offer the right balance of creativity and business sense, so your NFT is positioned for as much success as possible. From talks with hundreds of NFT teams around the globe, we’ve developed our guidance for NFT drops—and honed our visioning.

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