Are you new to the NFT frontier?


A reassuring fact: Everyone is in (roughly) the same situation. 

This is the Wild West, and instead of a horse, saddle, and saloon, we’re equipped with art, code, blockchains, and OpenSea. :)

As the premier generative NFT agency, our work naturally includes generative art coding (i.e., writing and running the code that generates nearly unlimited variations of your art). We skillfully multiply your art thousands of times over, thanks to our NFT developers’ programming and logical coding expertise.

Let’s introduce you to generative code, generative art, and how they join together to create the basis of generative NFTs.

What’s Generative Art?

When artwork is set up to spawn many variations, you can call it “generative art.”

Naturally, programming can automate this process, so we turn to code. This automation makes an otherwise daunting task a reality! (After all, can you imagine hand-drawing thousands of iterations of nearly identical art?)

In the case of our premiere generative NFT agency’s work, 10,000+ is a typical set of NFTs. Because we’re laser-focused on the NFT application of this technique, we often shorten it and say “generative art” when we mean “generative NFT art” as well. (We swap “generative code” as a shorter version for “generative NFT code,” too.)

A key aspect of the art side is preparing your PSDs to hand off to our team. You can read the steps to using Photoshop for NFTs, written by our CoFounder, Jim Dee.

If you’re not an artist or aren’t familiar with creating digital art, we also offer art services (what you could also call NFT as a service (NaaS) to help propel your NFT project forward. Learn more about working with our agency on your artwork.

So, What’s Generative Code?

Well, using the rarity tables you’ve prepared for your NFT developer (or, in our case, a full-service NFT agency!)... the Photoshop files of your art…

...they’ll set up and run the code to generate your one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Pretty neat, eh?

(Not sure what a rarity table is? Read about it here.)

You can learn to write generative code yourself, but we’ll honestly say it takes loads of work, a solid programming background, and true dedication to your goal. Instead of using all those hours, sweat, and perhaps a tear or two, you can ask us to do this for you!

The generative code behind the process is, unsurprisingly, the secret sauce that your NFT developer protects (and at GenNFTs, we work with artists who have specific ideas in mind for their images and we work complex logic into the generative coding, so clients are getting exactly what they ask for). You get to enjoy the incredible results that our proprietary code creates—thousands of intriguing versions of your NFT art! 

The Basics of Generative NFTs

Typically, a generative NFT set consists of 10,000 unique, programmatically generated graphics assembled from hundreds of different graphics files via an algorithm that follows various logical rules and distribution statistics. 

By assembling random graphical "traits," the program creates interesting visual combinations, as well as a hierarchy of graphics ranging from "common" combinations to "rare" ones. In the NFT world, the rare or unusual combinations are sought after as the more prized members of a given collection. 

Collectors of generative NFTs typically purchase NFTs sight-unseen in hopes of possibly obtaining a rarer item (which is thus more valuable than the rest). 

After the initial "drop" of 10,000, a secondary market (e.g., on a site like OpenSea) allows for collectors to buy and sell their NFTs, often resulting in a "floor" price (meaning, the lowest price of any collectible in the generative set) many times higher than the original mint price. Usually the owner of the set would receive royalties (often 3–10%) from these secondary sales.

Want to Learn More?

Check out our FAQ page, where we cover both basics of generative NFT knowledge, as well as some more advanced questions about airdropping, whitelisting, innovative metadata, gas fees, and more!

Be sure to browse the rest of our blog, too, and enjoy our portfolio. We encourage you to mint any clients’ work that strikes your fancy!

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