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More than just an NFT developer.

When you work with Generative NFTs, the premiere generative NFT agency, you access a turnkey NFT solution. From the genesis of your project through the grand opening of your digital gallery on OpenSea, our trusted team of experts are by your side.

Dedicated to transforming artists’ lives.

We’re on a mission to empower artists across the world, enabling them to generate thousands of one-of-a-kind NFTs. Our hope is that every dreamer will gain recognition, financial freedom, and the satisfaction of chasing their dreams.


When our creative team works with yours, something incredible takes place. It’s a win-win synergistic relationship where we’re just as excited about your project as you are (!), and we dedicate ourselves to helping make your dream come true.

- Greetings from our CEO, Wendi Dee -

Jim Dee

Chief Generative NFT Programmer | Leading Authority on Generative Coding | CoFounder | Renaissance Man

Sometimes called “the Michael Jordan of generative art coding,” Jim has coded ~200,000 NFTs with more than $40 million in total sales (so far). His Medium blog ("Generative NFT articles"), read by ~1 million web3 insiders since 2021, is considered by many the definitive source of generative art coding and NFT drop team project management information.

about jim dee

Wendi Dee

Wendi Dee

CEO | CoFounder | People Lover

Wendi, an OG hacker, is skilled in business development, community building, infusing creativity into business affairs, and more. As our agency grows at record speed, she's in charge of all business affairs, client communications, sales, marketing, collaborations, partnerships, human resources, accounting, business development, and initiatives.

Thanks to her passion for art and traveling, Wendi has traversed the world and studied under master artists all over the globe. Her artistic and marketing perspectives are vital for client engagements.


Trudi Harvey

Project Manager | Core Team | Super Natural

Trudi is our valued project manager and Wendi's right-hand assistant at Generative NFTs. In the past, she's worked as a teacher, newspaper editor, and client liaison. Working with numbers, monitoring social media accounts, and witnessing communities grow are areas of Trudi’s role that spark her enthusiasm.

Lately, Trudi has become passionate about using Twitter actively, collecting awesome NFTs, and learning about this exciting world of defi and cryptocurrency.

about jim dee

Wendi Dee

Malcolm Smith

Artist | Core Team | Digital-Ink Genius

Malcolm has been making art non-stop since 1998. At the age of 3, he picked up a pencil and hasn't put it down since! Supporting our clients with his artistic wizardry, Malcolm is integral to how we make our clients’ dreams into a reality. We can always rely on his creative problem-solving and artistic talent.

Inspired by graphic novels and video games—and fueled by an unending passion for drawing—Malcolm is up for any challenge that comes his way.